Marine Gears rebuilt by RMI

Model Pricing
MG 502 Please Email Us for Current Quote
MG 506
MG 507
Tonan 509
MG 509 s/c
MG 509 d/c
MG 512 {>2:1}
MG 514B
MG 514C
MG 514 HD/M
MG 516
MG 518
MG 520
MG 521
MG 527
MG 540-O-18"
MG 540-OO-21"
*RMI reserves the right to change prices.
*All exchange units must have acceptable cores, and core charges must be paid until the unit is received and inspected.
*New Marine gears oil coolers must be installed for warranty to be valid.
*All rebuilt gears come with a limited six month warranty.
*Exchange price is a not to exceed price.
*Accessories are additional cost: coupling, drive ring, oil cooler.
*Different ratios may cost more, call for Price by RATIO.

Rebuilt Torque Converters
Model Pricing
RR 300 Box Please Email Us for Current Quote
RR 303 Box
CO 10,066 TC1
CF 11,556 TC1
CF 10,033 TC1
CF 11,570 TC1
X-205408 (17" Clutch w/ new drive plate)
X-205459A (19" Clutch w/ new drive plate)
*$100 Additional charge for special enamel paint color, any color.
Labor Rate *** 4 hour min. *** - Mech. Hourly $85 Overtime $125
    - Helper Hourly $65 Overtime $ 95
Outside Shop Mech. Hourly $110 Overtime $160
  Helper $90 Overtime $130
Mileage $2.00 per mile

Phone: 504-347-4361

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